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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Biblio improves SEO

A recent press release from Biblio* and Intrapromote states

"The number of 'www.biblio.com' appearances on page 1 at Google, MSN, and Yahoo have more than doubled after optimization," says Doug Ausbury, of Intrapromote. "Breaking that down even further, the number of appearances on pages 1 and 2 at these same search engines have increased 125% after optimization, and the number of appearances on pages 1, 2, and 3 at Google, MSN, and Yahoo have increased 91% after optimization."

More good news from Biblio, still considered by this blogger to be the web's most seller-friendly venue. We've seen a lot of good news direct from Biblio in the first half of 2006, but not a lot of feedback from sellers saying their sales have really improved. If you've seen a marked increase, let me know.

* Affiliate disclosure: This blog is supported by affiliate commissions at Biblio. This program is run through an independent third party.