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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Amazon to terminate order notification emails

It seems like my Amazon feed is working overdrive with the amount of changes we've seen recently. The most recent is a notification that the company will terminate the "Sold, Ship Now" emails currently send to sellers. They will be replaced with a new desktop application for order notification.

"We recognize that changing the content of the “Sold, ship now” e-mails might require an adjustment for some sellers. We hope that by providing you with advance notice of this change and early access to the new application, you will have plenty of time to identify and make any needed changes to your business processes to support these new features."

Coming literally hours after the resolution of an "unplanned event" that caused a delay in "Sold, Ship Now" emails from begin sent (coincidence?), this change is a pretty big deal. I can already hear the third party software developers touting their new program that will send you emails a la the current system.