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Monday, June 12, 2006

Who gets hurt by low shipping reimbursements?

Well, it should be us, the sellers (unfortunately), but it seems as if some sellers are passing the short shrift along to the consumer. In a pretty coherent rant about Amazon marketplace sellers, "The Thinking Mother", gives her thoughts on buying used on Amazon. What bothers me the most about this blog post is the perception that the independent seller receives the entire $3.49 for shipping. Obviously, how would she know that the seller only receives $2.26 and pays up to $1.59-$2.55 to send most books? As she says:

"Customers of Amazon Marketplace books have no choice but to pay $3.49 for shipping, a flat rate, there is no cheaper option. Every book I’ve ever purchases was shipped by media mail for less than $2.15. So they pocket the rest. I say they pocket it as with each book I’ve bought, the sellers are not spending the rest on shipping and packing materials. "

I cannot blame the customer for these qualms. At the end of the day we all are hurt, even Amazon (and especially Alibris), by this continued perception.