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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sign me up! Barnes and Noble used seller program

Wow! Barnes and Noble finally did it. In a move I've been encouraging for some time (and another favorite blast from the past) to inflate less than stellar performance of bn.com, Barnes and Noble is ready to roll out its own version of Amazon's third party marketplace for used books. Take a look and sign up for yourself! My "little birdy" information pipeline wasn't altogether flowing on this, but I do thank them for the head's up this morning - so sweet I took my coffee without sugar.

And by the way B&N, if you're looking for a new Director of Seller Services, you know who to call! ;-)

Update: Ok, sorry I am getting around to signing up and saw there is no state listing for DC!!! Ouch first taxation without representation and now this!

Reviewing a back log of emails from last week, we missed this head's up from an old used book friend in Upstate NY - they were contacted by Barnes & Noble about applying.