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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

In support of "Elaine"

In back through some archived posts from fellow bloggers, I noticed an interesting article from this Monday entitled, "eBay Booksellers: Do I Give Away Too Many Secrets?".

The jist of the article was a response to some curmudgeon criticizing Elaine for giving away too many trade "secrets." Particularly irksome to said lover of protected markets was how Elaine shared the top collectible books and their prices because it only served to further "collapse" the market.

While all can agree that the bottom falling out on our book prices is quite bothersome, it is also this type of price competitiveness that makes independent online selling a viable market. Without competitive pricing we'd be nowhere against the bookselling titans.

Bottom line is good for Elaine (who I do not know) for feeling confident enough to be able to compete in the online bookselling market, even with giving her "secrets away so freely."

And a free tip for the curmudgeon: Stop whining. If you cannot compete in this intensely (and admittedly annoyingly) competitive market change your business plan and practices to make it so you can. Innovate, step outside the box, be flexible - Elaine sure has done so. This is how the business world works - ceaseless innovation and reassessment, I suggest you take heed or else you'll be chasing random bloggers fiscal year after fiscal year.