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Friday, June 30, 2006

Changes at Bookfinder

I'd like to applaud Anirvan and BookFinder for making some really necessary changes on his site. The previous site layout really was not set-up to make it in the new internet browsing world of clarity, ease, and efficiency. The new site is a huge improvement and I will definitely be making more use out of it.

The other change integrates shipping prices into the search results to allow users to be aware of exorbitant shipping fees on the front-end, a great consumer-driven change that will undoubtedly serve to increase sales through the site. Also one that has to give a big boost to AbeBooks sellers who charge less than the standard shipping fees.

Working in one of the more purely competitive markets in business does have its advantages and that's providing immense price value to the consumer. I'm such a big fan of these metasearch sites because they help demonstrate to consumers the value-added service online booksellers provide.