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Monday, May 08, 2006

Oak Hill Partners Purchases Alibris

Press release

Who has stake in Oak Hill:
"Limited partners in Oak Hill Capital Partners II include the Oregon State Investment Council ($100 million), the California Public Employees' Retirement System ($75 million), the Ohio Public Employees' Retirement System ($75 million), the New Jersey State Board of Investments ($75 million), the San Francisco Employees' Retirement System ($20 million), American Airlines, Stanford University, GIC Special Investment and the Alaska State Pension Investment Board. The fund still had a strong individual component, with a total of $500 million coming from sponsors like founder [Robert Bass ($250 million), Nike founder Phil Knight ($200 million), and Bill Gates ($70 million)] which appealed to many institutional backers." (as of 09/2005)

Questionable practices?:
One of my Silicon VC buddies tipped me off to the following article on an Oak Hill big shot. See also, LATimes.

Dream partnership?:
Oak Hill is a major partner in privately-held Blackboard, which provides a web based classroom management tool (the most widely used in postsecondary institutions). Talk about some great possible leverage, we may never see deployed.