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Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's your story?

Long ago, before I grew unfortunately calloused to the magic of used books, I used to examine titles and wonder about their journey into my hands. Often a forgotten bookmark, like a boarding pass or even a funeral card, was the impetus for these considerations. As I've grown increasingly nostalgic about book scouting over ten years ago, in Upstate New York as a high school student, I have tried to get back into allowing myself to personally examine more and more books. It was during one of these whimsical moments that I found some interesting marks in the inside a few random books that mentioned the website Book Crossing.

Modeled after the now infamous, Where's George dollar bill tracker, the website follows the travels of its catalogued books. It is worth the visit, especially if you spot one of their registered books along your travels. (Article on the site, Book Crossing FAQ)