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Monday, April 17, 2006

Moving your business online

Every so often I get an email from some B&M owners asking about bringing their store online (on their own independent site). In every case, I give them an unqualified DO IT!

Now, the key is HOW. For some stores, it makes absolutely no sense to go beyond a basic site with information about the store (hours, location, history, etc). For others, it may be a different story. The cost-benefit analysis for an advanced site is something that should be measured very carefully. The key question will be how are you going to get people to your site and how many will you actually get to visit.

The first question you will ask yourself after you decide to go forward, with any type of site, is what will the design look like and who will do it. To that point, Entrepreneur has posted a nice "starter" article to get you thinking about the subject.