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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


As always, I love to hear comments/questions regarding the postings on this blog. The email I use to manage this blog is at the top of the right hand column. A few people (2) have asked me in the almost a year since I've been doing this why I do not have the comments turned on. The primary reason for this is that they were off when I came to the blog. However, a few other real concerns exist as well. Primarily and quite frankly, no one comments. I have no one idea why this is, but I assume because most people are rightly too busy with their own business/issues to take the time investing into an online discussion through blog comment feeds. It is rather embarrassing to show 0 comments, o comments, 0 comments over and over. It implies a weak readership, which we are thrilled to say is not the case (thanks y'all!). A secondary concern is Bloggers notoriously weak defense against spamming commenters. Granted this comes in waves as they tweak and for spammers back to the drawing table. Nevertheless, its an annoying problem to always be getting comments from "Richard" who has all my meds just in time for Valentine's Day. In any event, if you do have question(s) (or even more fun LEADS/TIPS), let me know at the email link above. Open for all.

Update: Thanks to Warren @ Second Harvest Books who tracked me down to let me know the graphic which offered the email for my blog management did not make the domain name tranfer with me! I sincerely apologize to all of you trying to contact us for the first time!