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Monday, April 24, 2006

Alibris lets sellers down...

I, personally, have been encouraging sellers to stick it out with Alibris at least through the Half.com integration scheduled for the first quarter of 2006. Now I feel like a fool. In April's (isn't it almost May?) seller news the company began managing expectations on this one... Something the must be a prerequisite for all marketing staff working there... The end result is that, for sellers focusing on mainly newer titles, the site is becoming increasingly not viable.

"In December, we told you we'd launch a Half.com program in 2006. Alibris remains committed to this goal. However, we‚’ve discovered unanticipated work during our technical assessment of this project. While we still believe a Half.com program is viable, it may be preceded by an eBay program which presents a more stable technical integration and greater benefit for sellers. We‚’ll provide updates on these initiatives as we near a launch date."