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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Loving What You Do?

The big question many new online booksellers face is, "Can I make a living doing this?" I am firm a believer that if you are willing to work full-time in this industry it is very do-able. However, there is one caveat- you have to love what you're doing. Just like any business you have to have a passion - a real drive - for the industry. The toughest problem new sellers face is not cash flow management or covering their first three months of fixed costs - it is really finding enough inventory. Hunting, digging, scrounging, researching, all take immense amounts of time and inevitably lead to numerous dead ends. Passion and persistence can help you rise above these issues.

The impetus for this, almost cliche, entry was a great story from Entrepreneur entitled "Passion Into Profit" which I highly encourage all readers to look over- you may find great motivation.