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Saturday, February 11, 2006

IOBA Misses Opportunity, Defends Listings Services

IOBA recently declared its LACK of independence by taking its membership recruitment to the Alibris discussion board. It order to maintain its postings on the Alibris discussion board, the organization's representatives chose to compromise its independence and bow before Alibris defer important questions of shipping In a blinded zeal for increasing membership, it has neglected to uphold a basic element of its mission (paragraph 3: "Negotiating with businesses, organizations, and possibly governmental agencies that have an impact on internet bookselling.") and explicitly deferring questions/problems regarding shipping to Alibris. Also, given metrics from independent online sources, like Alexa and Google Page Rank, comparing it with similar sites, the idea that the listings service gets nearly 100,000 visits per month seems suspect. The other question is how many of those are exclusively for seller maintainance?

As an aside, Alibris' own interjections on the board are growing more and more - I have to wonder do we want the director of marketing driving more people to the site or monitoring seller discussions?