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Monday, February 13, 2006

Biblion has "major" problems

Biblion, a UK-based listings service, is currently down noting "major problems with our servers." Launched in April 2000, the site has been growing at a fairly good rate since that time. Subsidiary, Biblion Auctions, remains up and running smoothly. What is especially worth noting, however, is the last line of their short announcement directing users searching for books to AbeBooks. While this is a nice courtesy to users, I am still scratching my head as to why they have set this link up. The link is an affiliate link, not a direct one, meaning Biblion will receive a commission for every sale referred to Abe.... but even so...? To us, it portrays the site (Biblion) as "small potatoes", when previously we saw it as a strong up-and-coming listings service, especially in the European market.