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Monday, February 27, 2006

As boredom set in....

Just as I was about to whine about the slowness of things around here, I receive a jolt... and again as it was nearly 5 months ago, it came from Abebooks (see: Wow... Abebooks Acquires Bookfinder.com. The Book Standard and the San Francisco Business Journal both reported today that Abe has acquired seller tool Fillz (stories linked, not main sites).

While I could certainly find a multitude of avenues to take this acquisition, in terms of what it means for Abe, online booksellers, etc, I think it is important to take this moment to laud the site for proving once again it remains a proactive player in the online bookselling industry. In terms of sales numbers alone, I know many are scratching their heads when it comes to Abe (not to mention its past "deals" with megasellers). Nevertheless, it remains the largest online marketplace that allows sellers to set a shipping reimbursement rate that is at least EQUAL to the cost of shipping a book. Moreover, you have to be impressed with these acquisitions, even if we all are wondering how exactly this may or may not benefit Abe sellers.