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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Alibris affiliation in question

Many of you may already know that Amazon will not be altering its shipping credit to sellers when the USPS increases its rates this weekend. I have never really endorsed Amazon on this blog and am, quite frankly, not surprised. Alibris on the other hand I did choose to add as an affiliate (see relavent blog posting) after a great deal of consideration. Recently, I removed the Alibris search banner from this blog. I have retained them as an affiliate in text links, but will most definitely remove this affiliation and our endorsement should they choose not to increase the shipping reimbursement for its sellers.

As a seller, I have obvious reasons for disagreeing with underpaying shipping, but from a consumer standpoint, it is equally bad. As a consumer, I understand I am paying shipping and handling for the product purchased. I trust that reputable sites are not gouging me in handling fees. As it is right now, the Alibris shipping charges can represent as much as DOUBLE what it actually costs to ship the product. Just as bad, if I were to learn that the seller actually lost money when shipping my book (just in postage remember- we're not even talking about proper packaging) I would be equally inflammed.

Cheers to Biblio and Abebooks for implementing sensable moldules for shipping charges.