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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some information from ABE

This morning we asked Richard Davies (PR Manager) some questions that pertained to our initial reaction to the Abebooks acquisition of BookFinder. I've decided to share the entirety of the exchange.

Will Abebooks be featured on Bookfinder, in terms of banner ads, non-search result links, or other marketing?

Davies (Abe): No

How will Abebooks disclose its ownership of the Bookfinder on the BF site proper? Davies (Abe): Davies (Abe): Yes - the fact will be stated on the site, probably in a simple sentence without any fanfare. At the moment, the changes have been revealed in the BookFinder.com Journal in Anirvan’s own, very personal, words. That’s his style and we don‚’t want to change it.

Is an expansion planned in terms of partners or otherwise?
Davies (Abe): One of the reasons for acquiring BookFinder.com is that it has huge potential, so we are committed to helping Anirvan and Charlie develop new relationships with partners and expand the business. We have staff dedicated to developing new relationships in our offices in Canada, Germany and Spain, plus we travel to many major book fairs around the world in order to do just that.

Will Abe pay for a new marketing push for the site?
Davies (Abe): BookFinder.com is a profitable business and can fund its own marketing push. We can help by offering all the skills (and experienced personnel) within our marketing department (eg. online and offline marketing, events, PR, creative designer etc).

Boris Wertz told Shelf Awareness that the acquisition "strengthens our position in North America". If BookFinder is going to remain the same and independent, how does it do so? Davies (Abe): The acquisition will help us strengthen our position in North America as Bookfinder.com appeals to a certain group of book-buyers that Abebooks can not reach directly. They may be price-conscious or simply eager to compare retailers and marketplaces. The acquisition therefore extends our reach and helps us get closer to our vision of helping people to find and buy any book from any bookseller anywhere.