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Monday, November 07, 2005

BSOB Initial Response

When I first started working in the online book industry, I fell in love with BookFinder. Its no frills site design and unbiased search capacity represented an independent outpost in an increasingly corporate and consolidated book market. While I have ceased using the site regularly some time ago, I still love "stopping by" to review the Journal and to reference their important and unique "Report."

I have no idea how this merger will play out practically, in terms of search results, site advertisements, and the like, and will not be so presumptuous as to hazard a guess.

Nevertheless, I have one lingering question from the ABE side... WHY? Abe has spent the last month or so telling us all that they are committed to securing their own position as the "world's largest online marketplace for books," hence the dropping of the partner programs. How does this achieve that goal? Doesn't it work against it? I guess that I am more confused than anything else.

Moreover, we have to assume that BookFinder shopped this deal to similar sites, in which the acquisition may make more sense. Why didn't these sites jump on the deal? Perhaps a look at the Alexa traffic details for BookFinder gives us a clue...?