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Monday, November 07, 2005

Biblio's Official Release

From Biblio:
“Our CEO, Brendan Sherar gave a courtesy call to Anirvan Chatterjee, CEO and co-founder of BookFinder.com this morning to follow up with him concerning the merger. We extended our personal congratulations to Anirvan for what seems to be a fantastic business move for him, and we wish him the best in that regard. Brendan also discussed with him our basic concerns about where this might take BookFinder as an independent resource for finding books in which unbiased search is to the benefit of bookseller and customer alike. Anirvan responded by letting us know that Bookfinder intends to remain an independent entity though operating under new ownership. He assured us there would also be no preferential exposure for ABEBooks listings, ABE will not be raising commission rates paid to BookFinder to squeeze competition, nor will ABEBooks be given any access to any proprietary information provided to BookFinder by Biblio.com. We have done business with Anirvan for a couple of years now and our mutual trust and business relationship have been nothing but positive for both companies. Our immediate concerns have been assuaged, so we wish the best to the BookFinder team!”