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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Abe's Marketing Efforts

As promised, we would pass along the Holiday/Spring Semester marketing plans if we receive them. Here's Abebooks:
Abebooks.com has partnered with Aloha Airlines for this year’s Holiday campaign and there is a contest to win a trip to Hawaii and encourage visitors to take a look at our ‘Holiday Shop’ - an area of the site totally dedicated to making gift buying easy... The Holiday campaign is supported with over 800,000 holiday bookmarks that have been made available to booksellers to distribute in all book orders in November and December... Our ‘Avid Reader’ e-newsletters for November and December, which go out to hundreds of thousands of booklovers, are heavily slanted towards books for the Holiday season... We are going to be running the Get Smart campaign (see previous BSOB article) again in December, January and February with street teams visiting US colleges. There will be more exciting contests on Textbook Central once again.