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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Need to look-up books at sales?

Every bookseller has, at some point or another, said to him or herself, "Man I wish I could look that up." Third party services and technology have made doing so much easier, but what about the non-technie or when your battery isn't cooperating? In these cases I suggest you find the MBS Wholesale Textbook Buying Guide. These guides are sent to MBS stores (university bookstores) at the end of each semester and serve as a guide to book buyback (that is to say, it really only works for academic books). It does give you a great idea as to which books are likely to be used next semester and which books are dogs. I find it most useful for actual textbook buying (not books used as college texts, but those pesky 9th edition $100 books). The wholesale guide will tell you which edition is the latest, allowing you to cash-in with huge margins in an otherwise difficult niche. The hard part is finding a copy of the guide. Most college bookstores will have a copy and after book buyback probably let you have it.