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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Listings Services: Add the Tools Seller's REALLY want

Re: Tools/Services Sellers Would Actually Care About

Looking for an edge? Want to keep sellers from bolting? Here's five services most sellers would absolutely love to see.

1.) Batch ISBN look-up.
Many sellers need a way to review dozens, sometimes hundreds of ISBNs at a time. Why not add a service that allows your sellers to paste 50 ISBNs into a search query in order to get pricing information. Make the service PDA friendly, perhaps using XML technology.
2.) Half.com-esqe repricer. Make repricing easier for sellers. Half.com has a great repricer that lists your price next to a price range of all listings within your book's condition (Like New: $9.00-$29.95).
3.) Overweight Shipping. If your going to fix our shipping reimbursements, allow us to check "overweight" for those items that are. Even better, use easily available publisher data to automatically recognize when an ISBN is associated with a set of books that weighs 10 pounds and adjust the consumer's fee accordingly.
4.) Offer THE CHEAPEST bubble mailers out there. Encourage the safe shipping of your sellers' books by offering bubble mailers to your sellers at the lowest rate on the net. You already have a large customer base demanding the product, use this to secure quantity discounts. Keep your sellers and your customers happy!
5.) Negotiate contracts with Endicia/Pittney Bowes. Work to earn seller's a discount with a USPS e-postage service. Even better, incorporate e-postage directly into your site- one click postage. Let us print packing lists and postage at the same time.