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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Alibris' Amazon program to end in November

In an email sent to sellers this morning, Alibris confirmed the rumored date of November 18 as the termination of its original Amazon partnership. In an effort to keep those sellers moving to Amazon, Alibris officially announced the creation of new seller tools "that will simplify inventory and order management of individual seller accounts on Amazon marketplace." I am unsure whether or not this band-aid will keep some sellers from bolting entirely off of Alibris for Amazon. Basically, staying on both Alibris and Amazon (for those who do not already do both), is adding an additional $15-$40 in sellers' fees. That will be a big jump for many sellers, and begs the question: which site provides more value dollar-for-dollar? [Hint: There is no answer the this (too many variables like the make-up of one's inventory, personal preferences, etc)].