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Friday, September 23, 2005

Manley "Stoned" at Tech Summit

Sorry, but you can scratch visions of a giddy Manley (CEO, Alibris) peering out from behind a smoky podium at the The Book Standard Summit technology session... No this posting has to do with an outrageous comment by John Sargent, CEO of megapublisher and corporate giant Holtzbrinck Publishers. After Manley said that by 2015 used booksellers will claim 20 percent of book sales, Sargent quipped, "I am hoping that [by 2015] Marty is stoned out of business." Oh boy, look out internet sellers... Sargent is on the prowl. I think the German "blood and iron" culture is seeping down from Stuttgart to Holtzbrinck USA offices. (Article link).