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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Abe's Standing Eight

The world of online listings services has evolved rapidly in the past 6 months. The unprecedented growth of Biblio, the fee structure change at Alibris, the exclusive Alibris-BN agreement all have changed the face of online bookseller immensely. I think everyone was surprised to hear about, what may be, a cataclysmic change for Abebooks. In an email sent on 20 September Abebooks CEO Hannes Blum did his best to put a good face on an awful change at Abe- sellers' listings will no longer be cross-listed on Amazon. This has the potential to be a big windfall for both Biblio and Alibris if they play their cards right. Alibris' changes have placed it in a strong pouncing position already and Biblio seems to offer the best seller services, but will its sales ever catch-up to its hype...? - I hope so. Also, don't disregard the possibility of Abe eventually getting sucked up by another (Alibris seems to have a penchant for doing so) listings service as it teeters.