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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Abe's Marketers Show Promise, Then Falter

Laud the Abebooks marketing team one day (see our Abe's Marketing Department Scores Big post), scathe them the next. That's the spirit around here it seems. It is hard to avoid, however, after receiving a copy of Abebooks' most recent press release with today's news leads. Scarred by typos and and an awkward lead sentence (did they miss the first day of Marketing 101?), Abe's attempt to piggyback on the recent GAO report does not improve from there. The example book (to delineate its point about saving money by buying books online) to be quite honest, doesn't impress me as a bookseller or a consumer. In fact, the $89 price quoted by Abe's own PR hardly compares to a copy on Amazon right now offered by lear732000 for $69.99 (which will no doubt be gone soon). Now that $69.99 is a good price, nice... half off... perfect. Finally, Abe, don't come at me with all this American students mumbo jumbo, hooray, hooray for the disdain and then so proudly declare the fact that you are a foreign company, mentioning offices across the globe.... except in the US. Now, with all that said and soap box discarded, we cannot fault them in their goal of increasing online booksales among college students. For this, ALL online booksellers should be thankful.