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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Seller Removal III: ZVAB/ChooseBooks

* Reserves the right to remove "sellers that do not meet ... our professional, customer care, or ethical standards..."
* In eight years of operation, 40 sellers have been suspended.
* "... We do consider our sellers as partners we work hard with them prior to kicking anyone off..."
* Has a "careful" selection process for approving sellers which leads to "infrequent" investigations.
* Complaints are accepted and looked into, but it is an entirely in-house removal process.
* Booted sellers are welcome back if they can demonstrate that previously problems have been resolved.
* Neither partner publishes fulfillment rates and has no threshold before an automatic review is put into place.
* "If we see a dip in the fulfillment rate, we contact the seller and try to resolve this."