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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Removing Sellers II: Biblio

* Biblio has had a program to monitor delinquent sellers since its inception.
* An initial removal inquiry is based upon their Booksellers Agreement, but final steps toward removal include other factors like timely responses to inquiries and return policies.
* The process takes places in-house that is based on a review of fulfillment rates and complaints.
* An initial notice is sent to any seller whose fulfillment rate is low and Biblio works with seller to improve.
* Biblio will work with any seller in question "the best they can."
* Biblio's fulfillment rate is 86% around 10 percent less than Alibris.
* Biblio will monitor sellers dropping below 80% fulfillment.
* Biblio does have a unique fulfillment discount program that rewards sellers with discounted commissions for high fulfillment rates.
* Biblio's goal is to "empower sellers to provide superior products and services to our mutual customers."