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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Removing Sellers I: Alibris

More information from Alibris about removing sellers

* "Overall the goal is to ensure that the network remains a platform for professional sellers..."
* Alibris has always removed sellers, this is not a new policy.
* ISBN bait-and-switch is a "real big problem" especially with textbooks.
* Alibris has an in-house system set-up to examine negligent sellers, but also reviews complaints sent to it by customers or sellers.
* "Generally" Alibris' procedure for removing sellers takes on a "warn, counsel, remove policy." However, if it is clear the seller is performing a scam he or she is removed immediately.
* "Alibris does work WITH the sellers in question. This is not about a witch hunt. The warn, counsel, remove system allows us to interact with sellers and help new or struggling sellers succeed."
* "Common sense" is applied to all cases in addition to the printed rules and regulations.
* Reformed or improved sellers may come back to Alibris and asked to be reinstated with the appropriate proof/statement of improvement.
* Sellers falling 10% percent below Alibris average fulfillment rate will "catch notice" from the company.