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Friday, July 29, 2005

Jessa Crispin's Obtuse Article

I was blown away by Jessa Crispin's Book Standard article. Blown away, that is, in terms of how pitiful it was. When I originally read the article I just ignored it, but after seeing another book blog highlight the article in one of its posts, I had to speak my mind.... Her "comparison shopping" is nothing more than a shallow look at Alibris, Abe, and eBay. Some of my favorite gross overgeneralizations include "at best, I consistently found the same books... for half price" at Abe and Alibris "can be shockingly expensive." As someone who prices hundreds of titles as day through Addall, I can tell you these statements are just silly. This article was entirely misleading and a tad sophomoric. Come on Book Standard, let's raise the bar a little.