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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Do Not Host Your Website With Startlogic

We have experienced a variety of problems with this host and pitiful support. Our most recent problem goes something like this... For the past 72 hours many of our emails were getting bounced with a message that Spamhaus had blocked our IP address. It seems we were on a shared StartLogic server with a "professional spammer." It took Startlogic three days long to resolve the problem. Ok, not their fault necessarily, just unlucky right....? Not according to Spamhaus who wrote us: "Hello Lucas: Since they've [StartLogic] hosted him several times, and accommodated him by moving him around, it's evident where their loyalties lie. Now they tell us they've removed him yet again, and we've verified it, so SBL23206 has been removed and will expire from the SBL at the next zone update. We regret the inconvenience to you and the other innocent users resulting from StartLogic's loyalty to Mr XXXX. Given their history, StartLogic may not be your best choice going forward."