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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Get A Cheap and Professional Logo

So I had a logo idea I really liked for our LRABooks website. We worked hard to produce it ourselves but just could not come up with something professional. Curious as to what it would cost me to have it done I did a quick Google search. One of the sponsored ads offered logos for $25. I decided to try it and got burned. Awful. I was going to try and shop it around to the Graphic Design department at the local university, until I came across a mention of Tanya's Logos on the Insider mailing list. Tanya offered to do the logo for $20. She has since offered around 7 different versions of our logo. Each one was spectacular and we are so happy (preview our logo she did). She was kind, prompt, and professional. I highly recommend using her services. Disclosure notice: We are not an affiliate of Tanya's Logos and did not ask for a discount in exchange for running this post.