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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Multiple ISBN look-up

Well we've finally found it... A multiple ISBN look-up for the new/used bookseller. SkuFlow, owner of MyRemainders (link exchange partner), announced the unveiling of a multiple ISBN look-up website called PocketWatch. At first, the search supported one ISBN, but after the suggestion of one if its sellers (fellow remainder junkie Lucas Ames of LRABooks, another link exchange partner) the service was quickly adapted to allow for up to 10 ISBN's at one time. This service not only works on your home computer, but is also compatible with your PDA and cell phone. Since it scans Amazon only, it is extremely fast and highly efficient (although it does miss out on market prices at Half.com). Nevertheless, it is the perfect alternative as an Amazon scan will still pick out most Abe and Alibris books as well. We're just getting familiar with Skuflow's services, but thus far are impressed with what we've seen, more to come.