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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Finding YOU on eBay

Too many eBay sellers out there do not do enough to cash in on return customers. However, with good customer service, low prices, and a quality books sellers can win over eBayers as return customers. These buyers may return to browse your listings, search your store before searching everyone, or even give you a referral. EBay realizes this and has recently changed the way you can search for members listings. In addition, you can do small things yourself. One of my favorites is sharing your story. Some buyers out there are looking to buy from certain types of stores (e.g. small town bookstore or last independent left in Boise, etc). Tell your story in an unobtrusive, not overbearing way in (3 words ... or 20!) on your invoice, correspondence, follow-up, etc. You may be surprised at the results.