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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shipping International

International sales are an important part of online bookselling. The declension of geographical boundaries and the exponentially expanding global market can only increase the amount of these sales in the future. That said, are all listings services equal in this regard? Obviously not. One of the most egregious hindrances to international sales is imposed by Alibris. Alibris asks that nearly all international orders be shipped to their warehouse in Sparks, NV to be then sent to the international customer. In addition, Alibris implores its sellers not to send books immediately, but to collect all books being sent to Sparks, say for a few days, and then release them in one shipment. Certainly, this policy saves the online bookseller some time by avoiding the extra work shipping internationally. You can determine yourself how this policy effects your sales, but take a look at one international customers experience ... it may typify the problem with Alibris.