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Monday, March 07, 2005

Ever think of going B&M?

I think that most online booksellers have dreamed of opening a brick and mortar store at some point. Despite the negative climate surrounding such an ambition, independent bookstores are both highly desirous and viable under the right management. To be successful, however, requires a large amount of knowledge, experience, and data.

The Little Professor group out of Michigan has been assisting independent bookstores since 2001. The information and start-up services provided by this organization can save new bookstores a lot of headaches and time. Its market analysis and support with the legal intricacies of small business are valuable assets. The group is worth taking a look at, if only for research purposes, if you are considering opening a B&M store. A new store in Plymouth just opened as an affiliate of Little Professor. We wish it all the luck.